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Understanding and Working with the Shadow

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This small group class format fostered intimacy and trust so we dive deep. Dené and Vanessa's guidance was kind, firm, and insightful. They met each of us where we are and helped us take next steps. This class helped me grow and start tackling some big issues in my life. Thank you!


I can't understate how powerful this retreat it. Vanessa and Dené are brilliant facilitators - challenging your inner beliefs which sparks incredible growth, in a completely safe environment that allows for vulnerability and honesty. It seems so implausible that your life can change over a weekend - but let me tell you, in this retreat - mine did. You'll meet an incredible group of people who are on a similar journey, and the ability to relate to others during your own self-exploration is magical. Thank you, Vanessa and Dené, for sharing your gifts with us. I am better because of you.


Dené and Vanessa held space for me to be heard. I went into the program not knowing how to verbalize or identify exactly what I needed to dive deeper into. I left feeling more aware of what I am looking for. I left feeling more confident in my intuition and I left with so much admiration for the other people in my group. It was an experience I will participate in again and would highly recommend. Truly grateful for this group.


This will easily be the BEST 60-90 minutes of your week. In a matter of 6 weeks, I formed bonds with women that I will cherish forever. Vanessa and Dené create a space that challenges and supports you. I learned more about myself, my patterns, and my relationships in this group than I have in any other group setting. Eternal thanks to Vanessa and Dené for everything.