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The nature of our relationships are changing.

our relationship with others.
our relationship to the work we do.
our relationship to the planet we are inhabiting.

and most importantly,
our relationship with ourselves.

we are no longer willing to save the most embodied version of a fulfilling life for someday.

we are no longer willing to engage in relationships that don’t align with the people we are working so hard to become.

we are no longer willing to look to an external authority to define how we are meant to make the most of our one wild and precious life.

This is the embodiment of our collective evolution.

But moments of great expansion, still require a sense of containment, clarity, and support.

This is the purpose of coming into community -
so that we may come together and help one another understand.

July 14-16, 2023

Vanessa Bennett and Dené Logan are two soul sisters and therapists who connected over their shared love of depth psychology — known as the psychology of the soul. It is a template for diving beneath the surface to examine the complex natures of being human while on the quest for wholeness, including the relationship to spirit. Through their training and lived experiences with depth, yogic psychology, and mindfulness, they developed a passion for supporting others in living their most authentic lives while cultivating a fulfilling and rich relationship with the Self, capital “S.”

 During this weekend intensive with Vanessa and Dené, you will:

  • Explore the origin points of our limiting beliefs and conditioned habits of second-guessing and holding ourselves back from the realization of our potential
  • Learn to understand how to hold ourselves and others in a clear and compassionate way, utilizing tools for connection as well as boundaries that are in alignment with our larger truths
  • Understand how we being to step into the process of trusting ourselves fully, and in doing so are able to bring to fruition everything that we desire for our own lives
  • Prioritize yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone and cultivating tools for self-awareness to take back home
  • Learn to stay with yourself through challenging moments by developing a supportive tool-kit you are able to draw from in any moment

This weekend immersive will include:

  • Groups facilitated by Vanessa and Dené
  • Delicious, nurturing meals and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the weekend
  • An opportunity to build connection with other like-minded seekers
  • Journal prompts, break out groups, opportunities for deep inner reflection, and a series of tangible tools to take home with you
  • A combination of both deep immersive work, and an opportunity to be be with yourself in a quiet, conscious way
  • A weekend of grounding in nature, there will be a guided mindful nature experience, breathwork outside under the sky, and an ice plunge (no pressure to participate!)

We would be honored to serve you on your journey to a deeper and more compassionate relationship with your Authentic Self. We are committed to you leaving the week feeling grounded and refreshed, with more clarity, inspiration, and self-understanding.



For Travel Purposes, the retreat will officially begin at 4pm on Friday 7/14/2023 and end around 1pm on Sunday 7/16/2023. A more detailed schedule will be sent as we get closer to the weekend.


Strict Cancellation Policy:

Cancel before June 10th, receive 100% back minus $500 non-refundable deposit

Cancel before June 17th receive 50% back  minus $500 non-refundable deposit..

Cancellations after June 17th are not eligible for refunds, but you may transfer the cost to a future retreat.

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